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Helpline for Children in BC


If you are in immediate danger, call the police!

For information on child protection elsewhere in Canada, click here.

What number do I call?

What number do I call?

  • You can call the Helpline, at 310-1234, from anywhere in BC. No area code is required.
  • If you are calling from a pay-phone, call the operator "0". This is a free call. You don't need a quarter. It will not show up on your phone bill.
  • You can also call your local district office, (listed in the blue pages of your phone book) during regular business hours.

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Who can call?

Anyone who is being hurt or thinks that someone else might be hurt.

Children and Youth A child or youth who is being mistreated at home, at school, in the play ground - anywhere - can call for help.
Community Members

Parents, caregivers, teachers, friends, anyone else ....

If you know a family where a child or youth is being mistreated, or if you are afraid you may hurt a child, call the Helpline. Your call is confidential.

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When can I call?

  • Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., call your local district office (listed in the blue pages of your phone book), or call the Helpline for Children.
    Dial 310-1234 (no area code needed).

    After Hours Line
    For emergencies outside office hours, call the Helpline for Children.
    Dial 310-1234 (no area code needed). Or, call:

    • Vancouver, North Shore Richmond, call (604) 660-4927

    • Lower Mainland, Burnaby, Delta, Maple Ridge, Langley,
      call (604) 660-8180
    • For the rest of the province, call toll-free 1-800-663-9122

Your call will be answered by a trained child protection worker.

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Where can I find more information?

See also:

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